Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hello everyone. Forgive the lack of updates.

I'm obsessed with top ten lists at the moment, so I decided to collate the Top 5 YouTube videos that I have published on my channel. I'm taking in account for the amount of views and Likes. Here we go:

#5 Earth's Evil Twin - the planet Venus documentary

#4 How to Make DVD Text Buttons in Photoshop with Encore Tutorial

#3 Video Game Theory: Are We What We Play? Self Identity in RPGS

#2 The Naked Eye Astronomer

#1 Space Station Alpha - a Minecraft build

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Do any of you folks remember my TV show that I made a long time ago called Monoliths? No?

Well it was one of the best experiences of my life. I managed to get it broadcast on TV stations across Australia (44 Adelaide and Aurora TV) & in New Zealand (Face TV). Yeah, it's real.

It was about public art and the connection with the public. It lasted for 2 seasons, for a total of six episodes. (A total of 3 hours, or 144 minutes long).

Well I tried to put up season 2 on the web and on iTunes Podcast Store. Due to some issues, I couldn't.
"But then I Could!!" (best Bob Hale impression), as 6 short "Quick Cuts", short 2:30  minutes epsiodes everyone can enjoy.

I give you the link to the podcast on iTunes. It's free. And you can watch it on the Go. Simply View on iTunes and Subscribe. It's that easy.

And hey, here's a Youtube link to those who prefer it!

So yeah :) please support someone who just trying to make it in the world, by watching or spreading the word.

Thanks to those that supported this project in the past

- Luigi P

Saturday, August 3, 2013

My First Film

It's 2013, which means I have been working at my Film & TV career for 10 years. I still haven't learnt my lesson. Lol.

I made my first film in 2003. It was not commercial, it wasn't for profit. It was in high school.

The idea came for a VHS cover design I made. VHS was an ancient form of the Blu-ray Disk.

In those days, I was influenced by the films of Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarantino, and Martin Scorsese. I had really like The Godfather, Lock, Stock, Maltese Falcon, and Pulp Fiction. In those days I was an avid game player, and so I stuck in some influence of GTA: Vice City.

I designed the cover, and wrote the blurb. I remember using my friends names as 'actors' and constructed a 'plot' with 'characters', turning my friends into heroes, villains, and gangsters. It was all made with love of course, and I hope no one would be offended. Luckily for me, no one was. In fact, some were pretty impressed.

I called it "The Pussycatto".

The name came from a bizarre way my mother used to pronounce the word 'pussycat'. I don't think it has an analogue in the Italian language or any of the dialects.

Months later, the filmmaking bug bit me. I remember it clearly, sitting in a computer room and deciding to become a filmmaker. It was so fun. Perhaps that's where my troubles began.... but that is another story.

There was a lesson where you could choose what you wanted to study. Some choose to study leopards or sharks, but I choose to make a film. I wanted to make The Pussycatto.

The plot was pretty much the same on the blurb, but the characters were different. I wanted to make the most offensive film of all time - quite daring for a high schooler, and it was actually. Lol. It had swearing, blood & violence, (fake) drug usage, and an infamous masturbation scene to the tune of Micheal Jackson's Beat It.

I was infatuated with the films of Tarantino & Ritchie, of course. But I never got in trouble with the principal (!) I just told them it was artistic.

So I wrote the script, did the costumes, acted in 2 roles and set out to shoot it. Because this was my first film, I like everyone before me, used their friends and family as actors. I remember using my cognitive skills to solve a problem: some of my actors failed to show up, so I had to get another friend to do the part. I've used this skill to this day.

I still remember my friend Sean, saying to another person who didn't want to be there to do it "because a friend needs our help" and I've never forgotten it.

I managed to get it filmed with my father's digital Panasonic camcorder, including all the violent & masturbation scenes. It was tough. I edited the film in 640X480 format (big mistake). I used 80s music because the film was set in the 80s.

The plot is simple: several gangster factions fight for a coveted statue called The Pussycatto. Yes, its based on many things I saw at the time. You can guess the inspirations.

I learnt many things throughout production. Like how to quickly edit a story while one of your lead actor leaves the production. Yep, it happened. I think I recast it a couple of times. I even did a double-role.

I did end up finishing it though, thanks to my friends and my brother. We had a small screening, it was quite loud; the screening was almost canceled. I forgot to invite one of my main teachers at the time, which I still regret. For the life of me, I couldn't remember the reaction. Pleasure? Probably. Controversy? Maybe.

So that's it! The story of my first ever film! Hope you've found this insightful into my life, and thank you for reading it.

Note: I will NOT upload the film onto Youtube. Way too embarassed ;P

Monday, May 13, 2013

Design by Example

Hey everyone! I've been working quite hard to bring you some new graphic/web design work that I have created.

I've been working as a designer on and off for almost 8 years now for various clients, so I thought it would be time to share my passion for design. I just love creating, and I love to create design work for other people.

Click here to learn what I can do for you.

Earth's Evil Twin! - sequel to The Naked Eye Astronomer!

Date: 2013
Format: Animated Documentary Short
Length: 5:30 minutes
Distributor: Online

Exactly like Earth - but 100 times more deadly!

An animated documentary short film about the most hostile planet in the Solar System: Venus.

We take a deep look at Earth's neighbour: the planet Venus. We examine its history, its immense atmospheric pressure, and a surface temperature that could deep fry a probe.

Almost a year to the day that I released The Naked Eye Astronomer, I give you its sequel: Earth's Evil Twin. It took me a VERY LONG time to make, and at certain points I wanted to give up, but it was worth it.

Written, Computer Generated Images & Animation, Narrated and Directed by me, Luigi Pangaro, in 2013.

If you like what you see, spread the word!

All music by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com

Friday, January 25, 2013

Photography by Luigi Pangaro

 This is my photography portfolio produced from my very best images. I specialise in black and white, becuse it feels more classy, but I also excel at colour photography.

I am a pratictioner of many different disciplines, such as portraiture, landscape, still life, food, vehicle, plants and flowers and many more. I am an accomplished user of Photoshop and I also have an interest in macro and astro-photography.

Not only can I work in film & television, but I am a Professional Photographer as well, for weddings, magazines, portraiture and more. Please contact me on my website, private message, or through facebook to speak with me. You can check out more of my photos at my DeviantArt gallery.

All portraits taken with permission.

I hope you enjoy these photos,
- Luigi Pangaro.

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monoliths! Season 2!


I am so excited about this new season, filmed in HD, with stunning visuals, art pieces and sound.

The penultimate epsiode of Monoliths is on this TUESDAY 10th July on Aurora TV (Channel 183) on the FOXTEL/AUSTAR @ 5:30pm ADL time -OR- 6:00pm SYD time.

It's the only episode I edited of the new season, it features an inside look at SA War Memorial, a tribute to the Kaurna people and a statue of one of the greatest sportsmen ever - Don Bradman!

You can check out the TV guides here and the official AUSTAR/FOXTEL guide here.